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Last Updated: Tuesday February 03 2009 19:01 GMT

In pics: More amazing snow snaps

Is this the world's tallest, thinnest snowman?

Is this the world's tallest, thinnest snowman? It was built by Zainab, 8, and Zahra, 6, with a bit of help from their dad, and is so tall we can't fit it all in this picture!

Paddy and Rowan

Paddy, 8, and Rowan, 7, tried to build a snowman, but ended up wrecking him! The next day they decided to make this snow mountain instead, which they called Mount Snowerest!

Jack and Tom with their snowman

It looks like Tom and Jack's snowman shares their passion for footie. Go the Reds!

Callum on top of his snowman

Here's six-year-old Callum getting a good view of Kent from the top of his snowy friend!

Billy and polar snow bear

Check out Billy,9, and his chilly polar bear!

Snowman in Twickenham

Louise and Katie built a very jolly looking snowman with their stepdad in Twickenham

Dogs chasing in the snow

Fletch and Alfie are clearly loving the snow in West Yorkshire - thanks Hetty for the cute pic!

Keira and Sophie

Keira, 12, and Sophie, nine, made this scary-looking dalek, let's hope it doesn't go walkabout!

Josh with a huge snowball

Well they wouldn't go to Hampshire, 10-year-old Josh's HUGE snowball would be enough to scare away any snow-fi creatures!

Ben with a huge snowball

His nine-year-old brother Ben's snowball is pretty impressive too...


Nine-year-old Eloise had fun making this snowman in Croydon in Greater London.

Jack making shapes in the snow

And 10-year-old Jack's snow angel, which he made in Surrey, looks pretty cool too!


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