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Last Updated: Tuesday February 03 2009 08:50 GMT

Dog trapped in bin is rescued

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See Oso being rescued

A dog has been rescued after being discovered in a bin at a cement plant in Florida in America.

Workers found the dog, a pit bull cross breed named Oso, on Monday morning and said he could have been trapped there all weekend.

They said the dog looked cold and had a look of "get me out of here" on his face, so they fed him cheese until he was rescued.

The people looking after Oso say they are now trying to find his owners.

Workers traced Oso's tracks and discovered he must have climbed up a conveyor belt and jumped into the bin, which is used for sand and stone.

Rescuer Jerry Horch said: "He was cold and had the look of get me out of here on his face so I fed him some cheese until he got rescued."