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Last Updated: Saturday January 31 2009 14:55 GMT

Boy, 14, locked up for hiding gun

A gun found at a boy's home

One of the youngest people to ever be arrested in the UK for gun crime has been given an 18-month sentence.

The boy was 13 when police found a gun and bullets he had hidden in his house. The boy, who is now 14, is not allowed to be named for legal reasons.

It's thought he is the youngest person London's Metropolitan Police has ever arrested for having a gun.

The boy will live in a detention centre for nine months and will work with experts for nine months when let out.

The boy had also hidden a knife at his home. When arrested the boy told police he had agreed to look after the weapons for a member of his gang.

The judge said that although the boy claimed to have been forced into looking after the weapons, he also admitted being a member of a gang.

She added that the boy had admitted looking after another gun on an earlier occasion.