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Last Updated: Monday February 02 2009 11:40 GMT

In pics: YOUR wintry weather pics

Emma's dog having fun in the snow

Emma, 14, took this picture of her dog having fun in the snow in a park in Addlestone, Surrey.

Snow scene in Cambridgeshire

Twelve-year-old Megan sent in this snowy pic from Cambridgeshire. Was there this much snow where YOU live? We want your pictures!

Elizabeth, 9, from Southampton

Here's Elizabeth, 9, from Southampton, who was VERY excited about all the snow, and guess what she made?

Elizabeth's snowman

She made this - her FIRST ever snowman. It's the most snow there's been for a long time in Southampton.

Jessica's baby pigs

How cute is this! Jessica, 12, from Winchester in England sent in this photo. She said: "My baby pigs are finding it hard to walk because the snow is sooo thick."

Pearson Primary school in Hull

Class Two at Pearson Primary school in Hull sent in this photo. They are at school but the snow is falling fast! Hope you get some lessons in snowman building!

View from Jamil's house

This was the view from Jamil's house in Northolt, west London. Plenty of snow for the 10-year-old to play with!


Benedict and Jonathan from Carshalton in Surrey sent in this cool picture showing exactly how much snow had fallen. Looks like 10 inches! That's a LOT of snow...


Here's Kitkat NOT enjoying the snow. Emily, 13, sent in the photo of her pet in her back garden in Kent.

Otto's snowman

Nice snowman! This was made by Otto, 7, from London with some help from his mum.

Maddy and Colin

Time for a snowball fight! Maddy seems to be getting the better of Colin, who does our radio show. And she's got a bad foot!

Sonali in the snow

Sonali wrapped up warm when the snow started to fall, but what's it like where YOU live? Click on the next page to find out how to send us your pictures.


Just one thing to remember... if you or your mates are in the picture we need to check it's OK with your mum and dad so please include a contact telephone number for them.

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