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Last Updated: Friday January 30 2009 14:04 GMT

Quiz: Australia

Uluru in Australia

Question 1

What's the capital city of Australia?

A: Sydney
B: Melbourne
C: Canberra

Question 2

Which of these animals does NOT carry its young in a pouch?

A: Kangaroos
B: Kookaburras
C: Koalas

Question 3

What are the wild dogs that live in Australia called?

A: Dingoes
B: Wombats
C: Possums

Question 4

What is a didgeridoo?

A: A poisonous snake
B: A traditional Aussie meal
C: A musical instrument

Question 5

When is Australia day?

A: 16 January
B: 26 January
C: 31 January

Question 6

Where would you find a Tasmanian Tiger?

A: Tasmania
B: Adelaide
C: Nowhere

Question 7

If you were eating a Lamington, what would you be eating?

A: Cake
B: Fruit
C: Vegetables

Question 8

Christmas happens during which season in Australia?

A: Spring
B: Summer
C: Winter

Question 9

Which city is home to Australia's most famous opera house?

A: Sydney
B: Perth
C: Brisbane

Question 10

What's a koala's favourite food?

A: Bamboo shoots
B: Eucalyptus leaves
C: Chocolate

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