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Last Updated: Saturday January 31 2009 12:21 GMT

My three-day bike ride!

Press Packer Katyann with her dad

Press Packer Katyann completed a 200km bike ride to raise money for a school which helps children with disabilities.

Here's her story.

"I completed a rather special bike ride. I cycled (with my dad) from my home in Cheshire to Abersoch in North Wales which is around 125 miles (200km) away.

I prefer to say it in kilometres because it sounds further!


It took us three days and we cycled through Snowdonia, so it was pretty hilly and quite hard work.

Katyann on the bike ride

We knew we couldn't do it without a great deal of training so for four months, I trained with my dad, riding at least 30 miles every weekend, even on our holiday!

On the third and final day, when we were on the homeward stretch, I began to pedal faster, with excited cries of: 'We're going to make it Daddy!' and I was driven on by the prospect of steak and chips, a hot bath and a comfy chair.

Not just for fun

We were greeted by my mum, younger sister Rosie and a crowd of family and friends. It was a fantastic adventure, that ended with a real sense of achievement.

I do like riding my bike but we did not do it just for fun.

We raised almost £20,000, for my cousin Stephanie's school.


It's a special school for special children like Stephanie, with disabilities.

Katyann at the finish line

We did the ride while Stephanie was in hospital recovering from a major back operation and it felt good to know we were helping her in some small way while she was being so brave.

We visited her school to present them with a cheque.

Kind and generous

They need money to help pay for lots of important things like computers that you can operate with your eye, specially adapted baths and study trips for the students.

Everyone has been so kind and generous, we really appreciate everyone's support."

Katyann, 10, Cheshire

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