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Last Updated: Wednesday March 11 2009 15:12 GMT

Film review: Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs

Release date & rating

You can see it from 13 February and it's rated U.

The stars

The main stars are Jake T Austin and Emma Roberts - they play brother and sister Bruce and Andi. Don Cheadle, Kevin Dillon and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) also star in the film.

You may recognise Heather too. She's played by Kyla Pratt and was in the Dr. Doolittle films.

The plot

Bruce and Andi have had many foster parents, but none of them have known they had a secret pet dog, called Friday. The two decide it's best if they give the dog up as they can't look after him anymore.

Andi, Friday and Dave

One night Friday runs off and finds a couple of stray dogs living in an old hotel. Bruce and Andi follow him, and with the help of a couple of friends, go about decorating the hotel and rounding up all the stray dogs so they they can live in the hotel for dogs. But can they keep it a secret from their foster parents and the local pound?

Best bits

Bruce is an excellent inventor - he makes tons of things for the hotel. These include a toilet for dogs and a vending machine full of old shoes for them to chew on!

There is also a little love story between a scruffy mutt called Romeo and a uptown dog called Juliet.

Fave characters

It's hard to pick a fave from all of the dogs that stay in the hotel - all are different and you're bound to have a fave of your own.

Any weak bits?

It isn't as laugh out loud funny as it could of been. With five children looking after tons of dogs it should have been a lot funnier.

Hit or miss?

This definitely gets a thumb up, even if you aren't a big fan of dogs.

NR rating:

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Your Comments

"It was a great film, I thought it was quite funny and the dogs were so cute."

Millie, 10, London, England

"I think it's a really cool movie and anyone old or young can watch it and have lots of fun watching it."

Keeley, 9, Devon, England

"I really liked Hotel for Dogs, it's really cool and in the middle it was sad!! It was great and I recommend it to everyone."

Zoe, 10, Lima, Peru

"I absolutely loved it especially the bulldog that basically chews everything it can see. I also like the bit when the two poodles fall in love, it's so sweet - I would recommend it to those people that haven't watched it yet."

Jessica, 12, West Bromwich, England

"It is probably the worst film I have ever seen. I would give it a rating of 1/10."

James, 10, Dubai

"A great movie full of excitement and laughter. I would definitely recommend it to my friends."

Elif Aimee, 10, Derbyshire, England

"It's really good and adventurous. It was brilliant! If you love dogs, love adventures and like inventions then this is the film for you!"

Emily, 8, England

"Great film, I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to see it again."

Aimee, 12, Yeovil, England

"I think it was very good and funny and I loved the ending. Emma Roberts was amazing as ever. I would give it 10/10."

Leila, 5, London, England

"It was brilliant! My fave dog was Georgia. Friday was very funny though and very clever."

Daisy, 10, Stockport, England

"This film is great! It is sad, funny and really interesting. Also, it is for a wide age range as my 14-year-old sister enjoyed it as much as my five-year-old sister. I would give it 9/10."

Zara, 11, London, England

"It's a really good movie, I love it! I would rate it four and a half out of five - it's funny!"

Halima, 12, Leicester, England

"I thought it was a very good film and I really enjoyed it. My favourite dog was Georgia (of course!) I thought it was really funny when she had the bone and all the dogs chased her!!"

Georgia, 7, Colchester, England

"It's great and funny - I like the way the dogs are the boss."

Jessica, 11, Sheffield, England

"I have recently seen 'Hotel For Dogs' and I think it's great. It was so worth watching and I think the storyline was very unique!"

Jarine, 10, Newcastle, England

"The film was brilliant, I enjoyed watching it with my whole family. It is definitely going to be a successful film."

Writtick, 12, Dyfed, Wales

"I thought it was fantastic - some sad parts and some funny parts which makes it a great film. Watch it if you haven't. I'd give it 10/10."

Erin, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"I thought the film was excellent. Max and Andi were really good at acting and getting along as brother and sister. I wish me and my sister were like that!"

Alex, 9, Northamptonshire, England

"Great! I watched it in the cinema with my friend and I was fixed! I love the idea of a hotel for dogs!"

Grace, 10

"I saw it the first day it came out. It was OK, but I expected it to be better. 3/5 from me."

Chloe, 10, Northern Ireland

"It is a great film, if you haven't seen it yet go and see it."

Tamsin, 10, UK

"Absolutely brilliant - I could watch it a million times."

Niall, 10, Essex, England