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Last Updated: Thursday January 29 2009 15:01 GMT

Four sentenced over Rhys death

Rhys Jones - Merseyside Police/PA Wire

Four people involved with the death of schoolboy Rhys Jones have been told how serious their punishments are.

James Yates, 20, Nathan Quinn, 18, Dean Kelly, 17, and Boy M, 16, who cannot be named because of his age, were all found guilty in December 2008.

They all tried to help Sean Mercer escape being caught by police after he killed the schoolboy in August 2007.

Yates will spend seven years in prison, Kelly was jailed for four years and Quinn was sentenced to two years.

Boy M was given a supervision order that will last for two years.

That means he will not go to prison, but does have to obey a set of special rules. These include not being allowed to leave his house between 7pm and 7am for four months.

Gary Kays, 26, and Melvin Coy, 25, from West Derby, Liverpool, have already been sentenced and will each spend seven years in jail.

They helped Mercer get rid of the gun he used to kill Rhys, destroy his clothes and pretend he was doing something else at the time he fired the gun.

Mercer will spend a minimum of 22 years in prison for murdering Rhys.