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Last Updated: Thursday January 29 2009 07:40 GMT

Postie rescues otter in mailbag

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Postman rescues otter

A postman who rescued a baby otter on a Scottish roadside took her on a 350km tour in his mailbag!

The little cub - named Orla - was spotted by Kenny Wilson lying on the side of a road near Stow.

He stopped his car, popped her in his mailbag to keep her warm and then bought her kitten milk and fed her through the tube of a ballpoint pen.

Kenny then took the otter with him to a car rally before taking Orla to an animal rescue centre.

The six-week-old otter was said to be doing well at the centre.

Mr Wilson said he didn't think Orla would survive as she was very cold when he found her: "It looked as if she had either been abandoned or her mother had been hit by a car."

He said he bought the kitten milk because he kept hearing her squeak and make little sucking noises so he realised she must be hungry.

Salmon snacks

Shona Middlemas of the rescue centre said the brown European otter was being fed and kept warm.

She said: "Kenny did a good job because it sounds as if she would not have survived."

She said the otter was proving quite costly as Orla eats about 15 of salmon every day, but a local supermarket had stepped in to help out!