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Last Updated: Wednesday January 28 2009 07:55 GMT

Meet cloned pet Lancelot Encore

Lancelot Encore the Labrador

Lancelot Encore may look like a normal dog, but it's cost his owners 100,000 to make him part of the family.

That's because Lancelot Encore is actually a clone of another Labrador that owners Ed and Nina Otto used to own until he died last year.

The family say they loved the original Lancelot so much that they started thinking about cloning him.

Scientists in South Korea used a tiny bit of Lancelot to make a new puppy that looks just like the original.

The original Lancelot
The Ottos hope their new pet pooch will behave just like the original, but added: "We do realise if he's different we're not going to love him any less."

Some people have said it's a bad idea to pay so much money for a cloned dog when there are lots of other dogs who need homes.

But the Ottos say they've given lots more than 100,000 to the American animal charity The Humane Society over the years.