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Last Updated: Wednesday January 28 2009 07:29 GMT

Weird noisy artwork goes on show

Listen to the noisy artwork

A very unusual work of art that uses noise instead of pictures is on show in the south of England.

The artwork is made up of 48 speakers hung on a wall, that play out sounds from the seaside town of Bexhill.

The artist William Furlong spent ages recording people's voices and noises of seagulls and tea cups clinking.

Mr Furlong says it's possible to paint a picture with sound, just as you would with colours, although people who have seen the art reckon it looks good too!

The sounds paint a picture of Bexhill
He said: "When I stop people with a tape recorder and say, what do you think of Bexhill, what are its strengths and what are its weaknesses, you get what's on people's minds."

After making the recording, it took Mr Furlong six months to put all the sounds together.

The exhibition has opened to the public at Bexhill's De La Warr Pavilion.