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Last Updated: Tuesday January 27 2009 12:50 GMT

Our play about the Holocaust

Children taking part in the play Cat and Mouse

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on Tuesday 27 January.

Press Packers Thomas and Ashar are taking part in a special play set during World War Two, about Jewish children and their parents.

Here they tell us why they think it's important to remember what happened in the past.

"We are in a play called Cat and Mouse which is about the Holocaust.

The story is about Jewish children in concentration camps.


The Nazis are represented by the cats and the Jewish, by mice.

It's really interesting being in the play, we've learnt a lot about the Holocaust.

At one of the shows, six survivors from the Holocaust came to see it.

Not again

Children taking part in the play Cat and Mouse
It's extraordinary that people survived the camps but sad that so many people died.

We think people should know what happened to those in the past, so it doesn't happen again.

People should not be treated differently, everyone should just get along.

Important lesson

There are about 50 children in the play and we are all really enjoying the rehearsals and being part of the play.

We think it's important that children know about World War Two and remember that people are all the same."

Thomas, 10 and Ashar, 10, Coventry, England

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