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Last Updated: Monday January 26 2009 18:06 GMT

School tries out face scanners

Ricky and the scanner

Morning registration, queuing for lunch and getting out a library book are all part of everyday school life.

But new technology is being introduced to change the way some schools do all these things.

Some pupils are now registering and taking out books with their fingerprints.

And one school in Cambridgeshire's gone a step further by using special scanners which can recognise kids' faces.

Find out what the pupils think of the scanners

The face scanner is the first time this kind of technology has been used in a school in the UK.

The scanners use a special technology called biometrics, which is also found in fingerprint scanners.

The scanners speed up things like registration, but some experts don't think they're a good idea.

They say that the computers store a lot of personal information, which could end up getting into the wrong hands.