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Last Updated: Monday January 26 2009 13:34 GMT

Kids hurt during adults' rows

A girl in a bedroom

As many as 300,000 British children are hurt every year trying to stop adults from arguing with each other.

That's what the children's charity the NSPCC says, according to the results of a survey it carried out.

It asked more than 1,000 children aged 11-16 about violence in their homes and found seven in every hundred had been hurt in rows between adults.

The NSPCC says the kids suffered injuries such as cuts and bruises while trying to stop the arguments.

A poster from the NSPCC
The NSPCC poster for the campaign
With around 4.5 million kids in the UK at the moment, that makes 300,000 saying they'd been hurt.

The charity says that children are often too scared to talk about fights and rows that happen in their homes, which is called domestic violence.

It wants schools to do more to teach children about domestic violence, and wants to create safe places for children who are victims to go to.