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Last Updated: Friday January 23 2009 17:09 GMT

In pictures: Kids speak out about the recession

Astren, 10

With the UK officially in recession, we asked kids in London whether their families were feeling its effects. "My mum has a job, but she thinks she might need another one," said Astren.

Kayleigh, 11

Kayleigh says her mum doesn't go shopping as often as she used to because she doesn't have as much money.

Marla, 11

And Marla's noticed a difference too. "I used to go shopping every weekend but now I can't," she said.

Ceyara, 10

Ceyara said her mum's exhausted, adding: "But she can't stop working because we need the money and my dad has to stay at home to look after us."

Natalia, 10

Natalia's eating at home a lot more than she used to. "I used to go to restaurants with my mum every week but now I don't go as often," she said.