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Last Updated: Friday January 23 2009 17:11 GMT

Kids being hit by UK cash crisis

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Loads of you are missing out on pocket money, school trips and holidays because of Britain's money problems, a children's charity has said.

Over the past few months, you've been telling us the changes you've noticed as the recession has gripped the UK.

Now the Children's Society says almost half the 11-13-year-olds they asked said they'd noticed the effect the recession's having on their parents.

And it wants your parents and teachers to do more to reassure you.

Jamie, 13, said his dad was working longer hours and his family had cut down on luxuries.

Find out how other kids are being affected by the recession

His friend Peter said he was worried about his mum and dad: "I worry about them, and if we've got enough money to keep the house."

One girl said she was fearful about the future, adding: "When I'm older, it might happen to me and I'm scared about that."

Children's Society spokeswoman Penny Nicholls said it was important for your parents to talk to you about what's happening.

"Support is how we get through this," she said. "We can't protect children from everything, but we have to recognise the impact on them."

What's a recession?

The UK was officially declared to be in a recession in January, which means it has gone through two three-month periods where the amount of money it makes has gone down.

Recession often results in more people being out of work as companies start to cut jobs to save money, making it harder to find new jobs.

It also means people are much more careful with their money, which makes it hard for shops to make money by selling things.