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Last Updated: Thursday January 22 2009 14:56 GMT

Traveller families face eviction

An aerial shot of the travellers' site

Loads of families could be forced to move their caravans and mobile homes from an unofficial travellers' site.

Some of the families have lived on the Dale Farm site in Essex for years, but the local council says part of the land is protected and they've got to move.

Now, after a long-running battle in the courts, a top court has agreed that the council CAN make the families move on.

But that's left lots of the children who live there really unhappy and worried about the move.

Francesca and Ashley
Ashley said she wants to stay where she is as all her friends live there too and she doesn't want to move.

Francesca said she was worried about what would happen: "I'm scared I'm going to move to a different place and me and my friends are going to get split up."

There are official sites across the UK where travellers are allowed to stay, but travellers say there aren't enough of them and they want permission to stay where they are.

On the road

Lots of travellers living at Dale Farm have been protesting against the council since this started back in 2005 in the hope of saving their homes and it's thought they're still planning one last appeal to try to stay where they are.

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Travellers facing eviction threat

But with the latest court ruling, many fear they will have to try to start again and live somewhere else.

Being able to stay living in one place is something many of us take for granted, but it's important for travelling families as it means they can go to school.

Lots of their parents can't read or write because they were on the road so much.

In the meantime, the government has asked councils to create more official sites for travellers so families don't have to keep leaving their homes and their children can have a more certain future.