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Last Updated: Wednesday January 21 2009 16:04 GMT

Will mystery of The Stig unravel?

The Stig

To Top Gear fans, he's the professional test car driver that no celebs can beat but The Stig's real identity has always been kept a secret... until now.

Lots of British newspapers reckon they know the man behind the mask, although some of them can't agree whether The Stig is played by one man or four!

We don't want to spoil the mystery, so we won't give away any names here.

But we can tell you the most popular rumour is that The Stig is a former racing driver and James Bond stuntman.


Should the Stig's real identity stay a secret?





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The BBC won't confirm or deny any of the newspaper reports, simply saying they won't comment on "who or what The Stig is".

And that's not really surprising as they want to protect the mystery for the programme's millions of fans.

The original Stig was a British racing car driver called Perry McCarthy, but he was axed after revealing his Top Gear secret in a book about his life in 2002.