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Last Updated: Tuesday January 20 2009 05:37 GMT

I campaign against animal cruelty

Press Packer James

When Press Packer James decided to become a vegetarian, he also started campaigning against animal cruelty on factory farms.

He's now received an award by an animal rights organisation in recognition of all his work.

Here is James' story.

"I became a vegetarian about seven months ago after accidentally finding a website about factory farming on the internet.

Missed meat

I decided immediately to become vegetarian as I thought the way animals were treated was horrible. I even persuaded my mum, dad, brother and sister to become vegetarian too!

The first few days of being vegetarian I missed meat because I was used to eating it but after a few days I got used to it.

Really easy

There are loads of curries and Chinese meals that are meat free. If I'm having a roast dinner I leave out the meat and eat more potatoes or soya or fake meat. It's really easy now.

I started campaigning in my neighbourhood by giving out leaflets about being vegetarian and not wearing fur, and I even made my own website.

Keep campaigning

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) noticed what I was doing and I won a Compassionate Kid Award. I feel really lucky to have won the award.

I am going to keep campaigning and hope that more people try to become vegetarian or cut down on meat."

James, 11, Liverpool

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