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Last Updated: Sunday January 18 2009 13:31 GMT

In pics: Plane lifted out of New York river

The wing of the aircraft poking through the water  (AP Photo/Louis Lanzano)

The plane which crashed into the Hudson River in New York on Thursday was lifted out of the water on Saturday.

The plane which crashed into the Hudson River in New York was carefully lifted from the water on Saturday (AP Photo/Louis Lanzano)

Experts planned the whole operation really carefully, because investigators wanted to lift the plane out in one piece.

The plane being lifted (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images)

The wreckage had been towed to the side of the river and tied to a pier. Huge cranes were brought to help lift it out.

Plane being lifted out (photo by Edouard H.R.Gluck-Pool/Getty Images)

The aircraft, which was really heavy because it was full of water, was placed on a huge boat.

Plane being lifted from the water  (Photo by Edouard H.R.Gluck-Pool/Getty Images)

Amazingly, everyone on board survived the crash, and made their way out onto the wings, before being taken to safety.

Flight recorder )Photo by Edouard H.R.Gluck-Pool/Getty Images)

Investigators hope three special boxes called flight recorders, which store information, will tell them more about why the plane crashed.

The plane (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images)

The pilot, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, has said he thinks the crash was caused by birds flying into the engines.