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Last Updated: Saturday January 17 2009 14:03 GMT

People puzzled by pigeon flock

Up to 1,000 birds have been gathering together

People living in the West Midlands of England say they're astonished that hundreds of pigeons have settled in the trees and fields near their homes.

Residents in Kingswinford say they've never seen anything like it before.

They've reported seeing flocks of up to 1,000 birds, and experts say it's really uncommon to see such a large number gathered together.

It's thought the pigeons have travelled from as far away as eastern Europe and Scandinavia to the area.

No-one knows why the birds are there, but people have been coming up with lots of suggestions.

Louise Pedersen
Bird expert Louise Pedersen
One resident said he thought it might be something weird, like a sign an earthquake was about to happen.

Louise Pedersen from the wildlife charity the RSPB said: "It's kind of hard to know why they've picked this field.

"But because we're in January, there's not a lot of abundant food out in the wider countryside.


"That's why a lot of birds will turn up in areas they're not normally seen," she added.

Experts think the huge gathering of birds is a one-off, and say they're unlikely to return next winter.