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Last Updated: Friday January 16 2009 16:43 GMT

Ore tries his hand at skipping

Ore with the Bouncers and Sportsround skipping teams

When Ore was told he'd be trying out skipping for Sportsround, he thought it'd be a cool way to keep fit.

What he didn't realise was that he'd be learning with one of the best rope skipper teams in the world...

"Growing up, I didn't have loads and loads of toys.

But one of the toys I do remember owning was a skipping rope.

I'm not completely sure if it was always mine or if I pinched it from my sister, but it was one of the longest-lasting toys I ever had.

Ore with some of the skipping teams
Ore with some of the skipping teams
Now I don't want to make people feel sorry for me. Me? Never! You might do, though, by the time you've watched this week's Sportsround… it's full of drama, tension, and one or two injuries - that's all I'll say for now.

Had I known all those years ago that I would be joining the national rope-skipping champions for Sportsround I might have used it more than four times… ever.

TV coverage

When we met the team I asked them just how good they were and, being completely honest, I got extremely nervous - they'd come home from the most recent World Championships in third place.

Sports like rope-skipping don't get any television coverage in this country.

It also doesn't get given the same amount of money compared to other sports so you don't see or hear much about it.

The skills that these guys have are quite astounding and watching them in action left me shaking my head in disbelief.

Gymnastics routine

Lots of sportspeople use skipping to keep fit or to improve how quick they are on their feet.

The form of rope-skipping I'd be doing with the girls was called 'Double-dutch'.

There's four people in the team, two of them turn the two ropes while the others do tricks.

Ore with the Bouncers skipping club
Ore with the Bouncers skipping club
Imagine trying to do a gymnastics routine while two ropes are swinging either side of your ears - it's not easy!

The girls were Rachel, Becky, Sophie and Gemma - the Blue and White Rope Skippers.

After I joined, I swiftly changed our name to Team Sportsround… I thought it had a better ring to it.

As I was a complete amateur, they had to be really patient getting me to learn the basics.

Jumping into the middle was difficult - I challenge any beginner NOT to be even slightly scared of two moving ropes!

New tricks

We did eventually get over that small problem and had a great training session. I had a lot of fun with the girls and it was a really good workout.

Let's just say if I did one of those every day I might not be able to walk for a week, but I'd certainly not be so out of breath after playing 40 minutes of 5-a-side football like I do now!

I'm going to have to ask my mum to try to find that skipping rope for me - I picked up a few tricks from the girls that I could work on...

I'm sure after you've watched this week's Sportsround you'll probably be thinking I definitely need to do a whole lot more work any way!"