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Last Updated: Monday January 19 2009 09:59 GMT

What festivals do Christians celebrate?

Boys prepare for a Christmas church service in Bethlehem

There are two main festivals that Christians celebrate with special church services.

Easter takes place between late March and late April each year, depending on the full moon in spring.

This celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - when the Bible says he died on the cross and on the third day came back to life.

Traditions at this time include giving up luxuries in the run-up to Easter - called Lent - to remember Jesus' suffering.

Special worship

Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday to mark Jesus' death. Chocolate eggs are given at Easter, which are supposed to represent new life.

Nativity set made of chocolate
Nativity set made of chocolate
Christmas is a holy day when Christians mark the birth of Jesus on 25 December (7 January for Orthodox Christians).

At this time presents and cards are given and received, special church services take place and some schools put on nativity plays to remember the story of Christmas.