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Last Updated: Thursday January 22 2009 12:07 GMT

Are footballers paid too much?


AC Milan's star midfielder Kaka is considering a multi-million pound deal to play for Manchester City.

It's rumoured that the deal could be worth a HUGE 100 million or more!

That's more than double the record transfer deal of 47 million which was paid for Zinedine Zidane in 2001.

But is any football player worth that kind of money? Should there be a limit on how much they're paid?

Maybe you think it's unfair when so few clubs can afford such outrageous fees? Or is it just tough luck for poorer clubs?

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Your comments

"Footballers are paid way too much for very little - sure they entertain us and they have a lot of skill but that kind of money shouldn't be for them. It should be for hospitals or the homeless. There are millions going unemployed and yet footballers get enough in a year to last them a lifetime!"

Ben, 12, Kent, England

"I think they are because 100 million is way too much for a footballer even if he is a really good player!"

Chloe, 12, Somerset, England

"Footballers work hard and train every week and please all the fans and the nation. Footballers deserve all the money they get."

Gurpreet, 13, Bristol, England

"I think that footballers DO get paid too much. I know sport is important but the amount they get paid is just ridiculous. I know I sound like an old lady, but it's true!!!"

Cara, 14, Edinburgh, Scotland

"It is unbelievable and shocking, and if footballers say it is not enough they're really greedy and selfish."

Zoey, 13, Liverpool, England

"I think that footballers are paid way too much because normal everyday people work longer hours and get paid nothing like 150k a year, but some players get paid that a week!!"

Ellie, 13, Manchester, England

"I think they get paid too much. There is a credit crunch on and they could use the money for hospitals or the environment. They're only buying a person for a sport!"

Callum, 10, Bristol, England

"Footballers get paid way to much!!! 100 million!!! Imagine what that could do for all those people who are homeless or in poverty!!! I think if he was to take it he should give AT LEAST 50 million to charity!!!"

Aisling, 11, Kildare, Ireland

"Footballers get paid so much because of the vast amount of money they generate, be it from advertising, TV rights or ticket revenues. The money flooding into football explains such large salaries."

Jim, 9, Cornwall, England

"They are paid way too much, it's not like they are saving lives or anything, but people who work in hospitals are and they only get a fraction of the amount."

Abi, 12, Northampton, England

"You have to think about it this way - footballers can only really play until they're about 30. After that, they normally lose their career. And anyway, if you were one of the best in the world at something, wouldn't you want compensation for dedicating your life to it for the sake of the fans?"

Lily, 13, Cambridge, England

"I think it's disgusting that football players get paid 50,000 a week for kicking a ball around. Look at nurses who save lives - they should be the ones with all the money."

Ellie, 12, Portsmouth, England

"Yeah, they do get paid too much. They are just men that can kick a ball around a field for 90 minutes."

Holly, 10, Birmingham, England

"They are skilled, but there isn't much money around and it is quite a waste."

Polly, 10, London, England

"I think that footballers get paid way too much. Even if they don't even play they still get paid a ridiculous amount of money."

Sabreen, 11, London, England

"I also think they get paid way too much. It's not fair that teachers and nurses don't get paid that much. All footballers do is play for a few minutes."

Karen, 11, London, England

"I think footballers are paid WAY WAY WAY too much for what they do! There are loads of people with way more important jobs than footballers who don't get paid nearly as much!!!"

Charli, 11, Devon, England

"I don't think footballers are paid too much because they are very skilled athletes."

Bob, 11, Croydon, England

"It's an outrage that one man can be worth so much. With that sort of money you can get five very good players, not just one brilliant player."

Alexander, 13, London, England

"Yes, they do get paid too much, even though they entertain us on TV it's not like they are saving the world!"

Elinor, 10, Rhondda Valley, Wales

"What I want to know is where does all that money come from in the first place? I think they get paid far too much!!"

Alex, 10, London, England

"100 million just for kicking a ball around and scoring goals? That's mad. It's a waste of money and it would be better spent on important things like schools and public facilities."

Catriona, 12, Inverness, Scotland

"They work hard... and we sit lazily watching them entertaining us!"

Al, Cheltenham, England

"I think that footballers get paid fairly because they have got an awful lot of talent, and because they have got such a good talent they get a lot of money to show it."

Jade, 12, Dorset, England

"My dad is a rugby player and he doesn't get paid that much."

Leigha, 10, Tameside, England

"What do they do that is useful or even helps anyone? Why should they get paid even half as much as they do?"

Safia, 11, Merton, England

"Scientists help to save us from all sorts of things all the time, but they only receive an incredibly low amount of money compared to footballers."

Tim, 13, Antrim, Northern Ireland

"I don't think footballers are paid too much, they're one of a kind."

Zak, 10, Birmingham, England

"Footballers get paid more in a week than the average person does in a year. I think that it is a waste of money. That money could be spent on the homeless, poor and sick people."

Laura, 11, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I've always thought that footballers get paid too much. People in the emergency services should be getting better pay than them. They save peoples lives. All footballers do is kick a ball around and make themselves look good."

Connor, 13, Essex, England

"It is not fair on those who help people. Footballers don't help anyone."

Lekhika, 12, London, England

"I think football players do get paid too much but it's fair because they entertain all of their fans."

Kieran, 12, Wirral, England

"Footballers get too much money. They get millions for just kicking a ball about when hard-working people only get a certain wage."

Zaach, 12, Bradford, England

"THIS IS DISGUSTING!!! People are starving all around the world and Man City still want to pay 107 million for a player that isn't worth that kind of money!"

Tom, 10, Carlisle, England

"Yes. They even get paid when they are not playing football!"

Alice, 12, Essex, England

"I think they should get paid a lot less because I would play football for nothing!"

Tom, 11, Stockport, England

"All of you are being stupid. Football players are so expensive because they're very rare. Doctors, teachers and nurses etc get paid less because they're not as rare."

Julia, 13, Clyde, Scotland

"I think it is awful the amount they get paid, they're just drama queens!"

Jack, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"Footballers are getting paid too much because all they do is run around with a ball and try to score goals."

Ben, 10, Warwickshire, England

"I think that footballers deserve the money that they get because it isn't easy playing 90 minutes each week. When I play for only 30 minutes I get totally exhausted, so overall they should get their money."

Sara, 11, Birmingham, England

"Well, they do deserve the money, but vets and doctors save people's lives!"

Georgia, 10, Kent, England

"Entertainment such as football isn't a necessity - but it's taken so seriously now, they treat players like superstars. The real joy of football is lost - who wouldn't play when so much money is involved?"

Emma, 15, Hertfordshire, England

"It is the transfer window and they can pay as much as they want, it's not a crime."

Charlie, 9, Warwickshire, England

"I don't think footballers get paid too much, I think it's people like doctors and teachers who aren't paid enough! Besides, even if they are, who's going to stop them? If it's how clubs want to spend their money, let them do it!"

Christina, 12, Manchester, England

"Sometimes they are overpaid, but sometimes it's a reasonable price."

Ben, 11, Kent, England

"YES! I think it is pathetic they are getting this much in a WEEK. There are people starving in this world while footballers can afford to smash their cars up. All they do is kick a ball around."

Emma, 13, Bradford, England

"The time and dedication they have had to put into football is only worth it if they get paid well. Although the fact that Kaka would be earning 83p a second is ridiculous."

Jordan, 12, Manchester, England

"I don't think so because they love what they do and they provide a lot of entertainment for people. They get paid just as much as they deserve."

Lolly, 12, London, England

"I think the footballers are getting paid too much for playing a match that is just 90 minutes long. It's a waste of money to be paid lots of money even if they haven't scored a goal or hardly done anything."

Areeja, 12, Stratford, England

"I don't think all footballers are overpaid, but I do think that a 100 million for Kaka is stupid, he is not worth that much."

Luke, 12, Neath, Wales

"I don't think they are paid too much. They deserve it because they give us great entertainment, football isn't just about kicking a ball around, you need years of hard work and skill to play that well!"

Becca, 13, London, England

"They do get paid too much because you can train people to kick a ball in a net easily. It's their hobby. People who work harder should get paid like them."

Olivia, 10, North Yorkshire, England

"I think they should be paid less if they play badly."

Nicole, 12, England

"Yes, they are getting paid way too much. It is really unfair because everyone has different talents. Footballers are good at football and teachers are good at teaching, however, footballers get paid millions more than teachers."

Amy, 12, Bournemouth, England

"The only reason they're paid loads is because they earn it."

Cameron, 9, Surrey, England

"My dad was a footballer and he got a lot of money, so yes, I think that they get paid far too much!"

Abbie, 11, Essex, England

"Footballers really do get paid way too much! I play football for fun, not for the sake of money!"

Marzenka, 11, London, England

"I think the professional footballers wouldn't even play if they didn't get paid. But they are being paid way too much! They're not doing anything to help the world."

Harvey, 11, Kent, England

"I think people who have used their brain in life and got a PhD or something should get the money they deserve. Footballers run around with a ball using their feet."

Syra, 12, Coventry, England

"I think that teachers and police should get paid a lot more than footballers! All footballers do is kick a ball around for 90 minutes, while teachers have to study and learn and police risk their lives!"

Abbie, 13, Sheffield, England

"It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of money they are paid. All they do is kick a ball into a goal. Doctors and policemen etc should earn more than them since they save lives not just kick a ball."

Anneh, 13, Slough, England

"People who work four times as hard e.g. ballet dancers, don't get paid half as much! It's silly."

Kerry, 11, Cork, Ireland

"It's disgraceful how much footballers are paid, but they have a good living from it."

Michaela, 11, Newcastle, England

"Not only do footballers get paid far far too much, female footballers can barely earn a living compared to them. It is bizarre and unfair to people who actually do things with their lives besides kicking a ball."

Nathalie, 12, East Sussex, England

"Football is taking over the world!! There's starving people to look after and people are paying millions for PEOPLE! You can't BUY people!"

Emily, 11, UK

"No way, are you crazy? They earn it and they deserve that kind of money!"

Abdul, 12, London, England

"Footballers get paid more in a week than hard working doctors and nurses get paid in a year. All they do is kick a ball around in a field for 90 minutes!"

Richard, 10, Kent, England

"Of course! All they are doing is just kicking an inflatable ball into a net to score goals. I can do that, but you don't see me earning millions."

Agne, 10, London, England

"Manchester City have offered a crazy deal to Kaka. They must be bonkers to offer him that amount!!"

Ella, 12, Wigan, England

"I think they are doing really well and they deserve to get loads of money. Football is their dream and they deserve it."

Sophie, 10, England

"I wish that was my pocket money!!"

Yasmin, 8, England

"I don't understand why people get paid so much for playing for one team or another. I think it should be just a game again. I don't agree with all this money being spent because I think it should just be for fun."

Katy, 12, West Yorkshire, England

"Yes! I'm always saying they are. I think the highest paid jobs should be teachers, doctors and nurses, and all the emergency services. They do way more for society!"

Holly, 13, Brighton, England

"They get paid way too much, more than doctors, who we actually need."

Simran, 12, Scotland

"It's STUPID! There are loads of other jobs that should get way more than footballers, and instead they could give some of the money to charity!!"

Hannah, 12, Scotland

"I don't think footballers get paid too much because they work hard."

Lewis, 11, Nottinghamshire, England

"Yes! I think they should get paid a lot less. All they do is kick a ball around!"

April, 11, Dorset, England

"It's not fair that millions of pounds is spent paying footballers, that could be spent on helping homeless or ill people."

Iris, 11, Bristol

"Of course! They earn more in a week than we earn a whole lifetime!"

Katie, 13, Wiltshire, England

"They get paid enough because they travel the world and they need the money for the transport."

Rachel, 12, Llandudno, Wales

"Why should footballers get paid more than nurses and fire fighters? It's not as if they're helping anyone."

Bethan, 14, Gloucester England

"I think that footballers are paid way too much and should be paid about 200 pounds a day. If that is too high, maybe even lower."

Yasmine, 9, Cambridge, England

"Footballers are paid WAY too much, considering that they run around after a ball twice a week as their job!"

Tom, 13, England

"They are getting paid too much."

Saskia, 7, Stockport, England

"I think they get paid too much because my dad is a Royal Marine in Afghanistan and he risks his life every day and he doesn't get paid half as much as they do. All they do is kick a ball around and get interviewed by the press."

Rebecca, 13, Cornwall, England

"I think that footballers are over-paid for just playing matches (90 mins) and doing three hours training on weekdays! What a waste of money."

Minhaaj, 13, Watford, England

"I think it's ridiculous how much they earn. People who actually save lives and do things that matter earn nowhere near as much. What's the big deal about kicking a ball?"

Brooke, 14, Bedfordshire, England

"I think footballers are paid too much because all they do is kick a football into a net."

Alex, 8, Worcestershire, England

"They are definitely paid too much. Kids look up to them because they are so rich and I don't think they're good role models. I think doctors, lawyers and the police should get more money because they are doing something for the world!"

Bethany, 13, Kingston, England

"I think some footballers are paid way too much, they'd be billionaires in months!!!"

Brodie, 11, Nottingham, England

"Yes! They get spoiled too much!"

Ammarah, 13, Blackburn, England

"I think they're not being paid too much because they are the best at football. Although they should get less money if they play badly."

Alfie, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"I think football players do get paid too much for just playing a sport! They shouldn't really care about the money because it's the sport that they love! I think people like doctors should get paid a lot more because they are saving people's lives everyday."

Reuben, 14, Kent, England

"Footballers get a lot of money which makes them rich. Business men don't get as much even though they use their education."

Mobeen, 14, Bradford, England

"I think football players are paid too much as there are people who are out there saving people and they don't even get half as much as the do."

Sami, 15, Edinburgh, Scotland

"They get paid too much because all they do is kick a ball around a field. Fire services and nurses who save lives get paid less - ball kicker or save lifer?"

Amber, 11, Shropshire, England

"No they don't get paid too much, they deserve every penny."

Kieran, 12, England

"All of you are being stupid. Football players are so expensive because they're very rare. Doctors and teachers, nurses etc... Get paid less because they're not as rare."

Ben, 14, Berkshire, England

"I don't think football players are paid too much because they play very good."

Jamie, 12, Devon, England

"I think that footballers get too much money just for kicking a ball around. If I went to the park and kicked a ball you wouldn't see anyone making a fuss over it."

Sanaa, 13, London, England

"To be honest I think that all of the people who are saying football players get paid too much - think again - because if you were getting paid that amount of money you wouldn't be complaining."

Joshua, 12, Manchester, England

"Yes footballers do get to much. They play for 25 yrs then when they retire that MONEY lasts a lifetime."

Liam, 9, Runcorn, England

"No they are not, they go through a lot of bad stuff."

Dylan, 10, Pontypridd, Wales

"I think footballers get paid way more than any other job and that is not fair. They sometimes get paid 1 million pounds in a month and other people don't even get that in a year."

Alliya, 12, West Yorkshire, England

"I think that at least half the money should go to the hospitals and stuff."

Justyne, 13, Kent, England

"They get paid way too much. Much more than most people get in a year."

Kirsty, 14, Lincoln, England

"I think footballers are paid way too much just for kicking a ball around. The people who save lives like nurses, doctors & the police etc. should get paid more. Their jobs are a lot longer and harder."

Ali, 9, Bradford, England

"I think it's absolutely mad; what happened to the credit crunch? He's a good player but I think Ronaldo's better."

Louis, 10, Essex, England

"Too right footballers get paid too much, millions too much, Just for playing sport. People like doctors and teachers get paid a pittance for actually doing some good!"

Alice, 14, Worcester, England