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Last Updated: Thursday January 15 2009 16:43 GMT

Bulldog changes 'not enough'

A bulldog

New rules to stop British Bulldogs from suffering because of the way they are bred for their looks don't go far enough, an animal charity's warned.

That's the opinion of the RSPCA, which wants even stricter rules brought in.

The Kennel Club, which is in charge of pedigree dogs, introduced changes to the way some breeds are judged in a bid to improve their health.

But the RSPCA wants bulldogs to be taller, slimmer and have less wrinkles on their face, to help their breathing.

In September, the RSPCA pulled out of the world-famous Crufts dog show this year because it's worried about the health of pedigree pups.

But other people are unhappy about the changes because they think this will mean the end of the way the traditional bulldog looks.