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Last Updated: Thursday January 15 2009 18:38 GMT

Pupils get frightening fake email

Pupils tell us what they think about the fake email

Loads of kids from the same school have been sent a scary fake email from someone pretending to be a 16-year-old who threatened to kill them.

The pupils at Newquay Junior School in Cornwall told teachers after getting the worrying message at their homes.

The email claimed that the girl would kill them if they didn't forward it to 24 people within 15 minutes.

Police are investigating the matter and say anyone who receives the email should delete it straight away.

Expert advice if you get scary emails

One of the pupils said: "My friend couldn't sleep thinking someone would come out of the bathroom and kill her."

These sort of emails which ask you to forward a message on are called chain emails. Experts say the best thing to do is tell your parent or teacher and not worry about what it says.

Delete immediately

Inspector Dave Meredith, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said the emails were "disgusting".

He said: "The content of those letters is obviously deplorable, especially considering that it targets school children. People should delete them immediately."