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Last Updated: Tuesday January 13 2009 18:59 GMT

Fast food litter louts revealed


Fast food companies have been named and shamed by an environmental group for being the ones that contribute the most to the litter on our streets.

Keep Britain Tidy says a quarter of rubbish has been chucked away by people after they've finished their food.

The three worst offenders were people who ate in McDonald's, general fish and chip shops, and Greggs the bakery.

Researchers spent two days in 10 cities in England to find out which companies were responsible for the most litter.

Fast food litter louts uncovered

The organisation wants companies to do more to help keep the streets clean.

The survey found that burger wrappers, sauce sachets and plastic straws made up a lot of the rubbish.

Litter from McDonald's made up more than a quarter (29%) of all the fast food rubbish, then packaging like chip trays and plastic forks from local fast food restaurants made up 21%. And pasty and pie wrappers from Greggs made up 18% of litter.


Phil Barton, from Keep Britain Tidy, said companies should do more to encourage people not to drop litter.

He said: "We want all fast food chains to reduce unnecessary packaging and make it easier for customers to do the right thing."

A spokeswoman for McDonald's said plenty of bins were provided, and customers were encouraged to throw away their litter responsibly.