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Last Updated: Tuesday January 13 2009 08:36 GMT

Crime traps set to catch thieves

Someone breaking into a car

Traps are being set in one part of the UK to try and catch thieves in the act, and stop them stealing people's stuff.

West Yorkshire Police have been leaving expensive things like laptops on display to tempt thieves to take them - but if they do they're in for a shock.

The houses and cars where police are leaving the things to be stolen are all fitted with cameras, so they can see who is pinching them.

And the valuables being stolen are all fitted with tracking devices too.

That helps police find out where the stolen gear is being taken, and who is behind the crimes.

It's hoped the traps will also help them catch people who sell stolen goods on.


Officers say their latest crime-stopping idea is going well so far.

But they say we've all got to do our bit to protect our things in the first place.