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Last Updated: Tuesday January 13 2009 08:44 GMT

I want Great Britain to be green


Press Packer Niamh, 10, is on a mission to get more people to be eco-friendly.

Here's her report about how you can make small changes to help the planet.

"I am on the eco-committee at school. To be eco-friendly, a school needs three certificates: bronze, silver and green.

The school eco committee
The school eco committee
Our school has already achieved the bronze certificate, so now we have a list of things we have to get done to earn our silver award.

Our school's eco-committee has seven pupil members.

Our typical meeting might include launching new competitions, making decisions on what to do about certain issues, talking about the pupil participation in our decisions and choosing competition winners.

My proudest eco-moment is seeing how much waste pupils have so far composted at school.

Three top tips for being eco-friendly:

  • If you have decided to do some drawing, don't take a bundle of new paper. Try and use scrap paper, and if not, take one sheet and try to fit as much as possible on it.
  • If you are asked to make a model for school, ask your guardian if you can use old food packaging. Don't go out and waste resources and money!
  • If you get to go along to a supermarket shop, try and persuade the person buying to get things with recyclable packaging.

Niamh helps to look after the school plants
Niamh helps to look after the school plants
On average, each household produces one tonne of waste every year.

It is important to be eco-friendly because our waste generates a gas called a greenhouse gas and this is damaging our planet.

The next generation might not be a happy one if we don't take action now.

Wouldn't it be cool if Great Britain was the most environmentally friendly place in the world?

Join me - and loads of other children - to help save OUR planet."

Niamh, 10, Lothian

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