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Last Updated: Thursday January 15 2009 10:04 GMT

What's your top gadget?

A television that senses your moves

Gadget geeks are in America at the moment checking out the very latest trends at the Consumer Electronics show in Los Angeles.

There are 3D TVs and even some sets that you can wear in your sunglasses.

So that made us think - what's your coolest gadget? Have you got a top-of-the-range phone, a speedy laptop or a camera that's simply amazing?

Or are all your gadgets second-hand - and, if so, are you bothered?

Maybe there's something you're desperate to have?

Unfortunately, this comments page is now closed, but there are other things to talk about on the chat page.

Your comments

"My latest gadget is a mobile phone. I lost my old phone and my sister brought me a new one as a Christmas present."

Alisha, 11, London, England

"My fave gadget is my pink flip-up phone."

Holly, 10, Sheffield, England

"I need my mobile phone. When I don't have it, I feel lost!"

Holly, 13, Brighton, England

"My top gadget is my iPod Touch and it was my favourite Christmas present."

Melissa, 14, Swansea, Wales

"Definitely my MP3 because I can live without my phone, but I can't live without music, it's just so important to me."

Jess, 14, Swindon, England

"I just got a Nintendo DS for Christmas; it is OK but I could have better games. I love the Wii though; I've been on it at my friend's house and I wish I'd got it!!!"

Stephanie, 10, Liverpool, England

"I love my new mobile. I couldn't live without it."

Katy, 11, Lancashire, England

"I have an iPhone and I LOVE it and I can't live without it."

Dilan, 10, West Bromwich, England

"If you need gadgets you need a life."

Matt, 13, Leeds, England

"My best gadget is my Wii. It's simply amazing!!! How people can say that the Xbox 360 is better than the Wii I don't know."

Bethany, 10, West Sussex, England

"I love my mobile and my DS!! I am a technology boffin!"

Sophie, 11, East Sussex, England

"My top gadget is the PlayStation 3."

Selina, 10, West Sussex, England

"My best gadget is my iPhone. It's so cool."

Steph, 12, Dundee, Scotland

"I don't know how I ever managed without my iPod! I take it everywhere with me!"

Izzi, 12, Southend-on-Sea, England

"My favourite gadget has to be a Pocket Surfer 2 because they're so slim, really fast and easy to use with its light up keyboard. The pocket surfer is a Bluetooth portable computer. Try them out. They're really good fun."

Tristan, 10, London, England

"Well I love the cinema and TV but love my computers and Nintendo stuff, like my Wii and Wii Fit. I'll probably cry if TV goes down because I love EastEnders! And I also love going to the cinema to see if I want to buy the DVD or just for fun."

Freya, 12, Kent, England

"My favourite gadget is my iMac I got for my birthday. It is great because it is really fast, has a massive 20 inch screen and has a webcam built in!"

Adam, 12, Northamptonshire, England

"My favourite gadget is the Nintendo Wii because it's fun for you and your family."

Danielle, 13, Colchester, England

"The Nintendo Wii is the best gadget around."

Ella, 8, Dudley, England

"My favourite gadget has to be my Nintendo DS. I bought with my own money so it means a lot more to me."

Elv, 14, Northern Ireland

"My favourite gadgets are a Wii and a computer. I really like them both as you can play on the Wii and find out stuff and play on a computer. Can TVs count? Because I like them too!"

Ellie, 9, Surrey, England

"Nintendo Wii. I got one for Christmas and it's great!!!"

Holly, 12, Manchester, England

"My best gadget has got to be the Apple iPod - the new one. I just cannot take my eyes off it, the green one mostly."

Colin, 12, Liverpool, England

"My favourite gadget is the Nintendo Wii and my favourite game for it is Sonic and Mario."

Aaron, 12, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

"My favourite gadget is my Walkman Video MP3 Player that I got for Christmas. I've never stopped listening to it; it plays the radio, videos and music. You can also put pictures on it!"

Harriet, 14, Staffordshire, England

"My top gadgets are my iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 3."

Gavin, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"My favourite gadget is probably my mobile because you can contact your mates and have a chat."

Emma, 12, Manchester, England

"My favourite gadget was my Nintendo Wii but it is now broken. I can't live without it!!!"

Melika, 9, Leeds, England

"My phone or MP4, I could not live with out texting and music!"

Daisy, 10, Leicester, England

"I love my wooden home made toys, they are ace! The Noah's Ark is my favourite because it teaches me about the Bible and the elephants are my favourite animal."

Naomi, 11, Gold Coast, Australia

"My phone, iPod, DS, Wii, my TV, my camera; they're all really good! Thank you to my family for buying them for me!"

Georgia, 10, Kent, England

"My iPod Touch!!!! It's fab and it is like a portable computer!"

Michaela, 11, Newcastle, England

"My favourite gadget is my DS and my Wii."

James, 11, Macclesfield, England

"I have six top gadgets: my Nintendo Wii, my PlayStation 3, my Xbox 360, my iPhone, my iPod and my HD TV in my room with Sky!!!"

Holly, 11, Blackpool, England

"My best gadgets have got to be my phone because I can contact my friends on it and my iPod Nano. And the last one is my Wii because I think it is amazing!"

Lewis, 9, Bangor, Northern Ireland

"My top gadget is my Wii console. It's got great new games and extended stuff with most of the games."

Bridget, 11, Staffordshire, England

"My favourite gadget is my MP4 Player because it is amazing! It has 16GB so it can hold over 12,000 songs!!!"

Tom, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"My iPod Nano video - I LOVE it!"

Ally, 13, Manchester, England

"I just love my Nintendo Wii!"

Mollie, 9, Bath, England

"My coolest gadgets are the iPod Touch and the Nintendo DS. I love the DS because you can play people across the globe. And I love the iPod Touch because you can do so many cool things with it. It is the best iPod ever."

David, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"The webcam is defiantly the unnoticed winner, imagine not ever seeing people's faces who are far away!"

Katherine, 12, Wiltshire, England

"My fave gadget is a DS Lite because you can connect with other people. I could not live without it. My life would be over if I did not have a DS."

Megan, 8, Scarborough, England

"My fave gadget is my phone; it is great, it is like a mini computer but it cost me lots. It cost over 300 but anyway my parents are rich enough to buy it for me."

Vicky, 13, Ealing, England

"I love my DS, but nothing beats the Wii!"

Philippa, 12, Reading, England

"My LG Rhino phone! It doesn't have to be too flash as long as it has good features!"

Emily, 11, Bristol, England

"I don't really have a great gadget; I wanted an iPod for Christmas but thanks to the credit crunch I didn't get one. If I had to pick though I'd say our family computer."

Tom, 9, London, England

"I have an iPod Touch! I love it to bits!!!"

Olivia, 14, Devon, England

"I love my GHDs sooooo much. Couldn't live without them!"

Kathryn, 14, Lancaster, England

"Mine would have to be my iPod Touch, I wouldn't be able to live without it!"

Christian, 12, Watford, England

"My PSP. Without it I would simply be B O R E D."

Saya, 13, Glasgow, England

"I love my iPod Touch. You can surf the net, listen to music, chat on MSN, play games - this is the must-have iPod. The best iPod ever!!"

Vanessa, 13, Northern Ireland

"I haven't got a Wii or DS or anything like that - I have a phone and a computer. I love my phone."

Emily, 11, UK

"Well, sort of everything! My computer, my phone, my Wii and my TV. I can't get enough of it. I would like a Wii Fit, but it's not in stock!"

Agne, 10, London, England

"My top gadget is the Wii. But I like other things too!"

Gemma, 11, Scotland

"I love my iPod and my Nintendo DS. I got them both for Christmas and I love chilling out and playing with them."

Bethany, 13, London, England

"My mobile phone - it is my life."

Maya, 11, London, England

"Well my iPhone - as I can fit so much into it. It's a phone, an iPod, a camera, I can download all aps, check news, surf the web, see what latest movies are out and a lot more!"

Jordan, 14, Merseyside, England

"My favourites would be my laptop, the Nintendo Wii and my DS Lite. I couldn't live without them!"

Natasha, 10, Surrey, England

"I don't think it counts as a gadget but it's so much more useful than, lets say, a Wii. It's my oyster card. In case you don't know what they are (because they're only for people who live in London) they're sort of like a bus or train ticket all in one. It is so much better than buying a ticket. So much better than a Wii."

Becky, 13, London, England

"My fave gadget is my laptop - because who can't live without internet?!"

Mazzy, 12, Leicester, England

"My laptop because I can go on the internet and MSN!!! My Wii and phone are fab too."

Kim, 13, Lincolnshire, England

"Wow! My top gadget is my PC!"

Heather, 13, Manchester, England

"If you asked my friend she would say her massive TV."

Aoibh, 8, Ireland

"It would have to be my laptop or MP3, NO question about it!"

Ali, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"My favourite gadget has to be my phone! If I'm not on my computer, I'm up in my room texting my friends!"

Scarlet, 10, Brighton, England

"I could not do without my laptop and iPod. I always have them with me."

Demelza, 13, Kent, England

"I cannot live without my mobile."

Lauren, 9, Kent, England

"I couldn't live without my laptop or my phone!"

Niamh, 11, County Tyrone, Ireland

"My mobile, because it holds all my favourite tracks and pictures!"

Leila, 11, West Sussex, England

"My Nintendo DS - I wouldn't survive without it!"

Amy, 9, Essex, England

"My laptop; I'd be constantly bored without it."

Charlotte, 12, Sussex, England

"I wouldn't be able to live without my mobile. It helps people get hold of me in case plans change."

Grace, 12, Gravesend, England

"My laptop has to be my fave gadget. If I had a phone that would be my top."

Bethany, 10, Bolton, England

"My iPod. I love it."

Megan, 10, Armagh, Northern Ireland

"My phone is probably my top gadget as it helps me to arrange things and also call people like my parents if I'm lost!"

Charlotte, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I couldn't live a second without my Wii!"

Rhys, 9, Leicestershire, England

"I love my LAPTOP because I am always on msn and on the internet. I also love my phone because I got a mp3 player on it so while I am texting I can also listen to music. Also I like my sister's Xbox 360 because some of the games are amazing."

Sophie, 12, Wiltshire, England

"My best gadget is my mobile, my Wii and my Wii Fit."

Emily, 10, Birmingham, England

"My gadget would be my computer. When I get bored I just play games on it."

Kaylee, 10, Abridge, England

"My top gadget is the laptop!!! Without one I could not carry the internet around!"

Adam, 9, Ealing, UK

"I love my Mac book. It is so cool and you can make music on it and take it around everywhere with you."

Nathan, 9, Newcastle, England

"I have a Gameboy Advanced, not that many people have them anymore but I still think that they are really cool."

Marcus, 9, London, England

"We are twins and have heaps of gadgets: laptop, Nintendo DS Lite, Wii, iPhone, iPod Nano, 52in flat screen TV in our bedroom, a DVD player, a video player, a CD player, Xbox Elite, mp3 players which can hold over 4,000 songs, iPod shuffle, Gameboy Advance SP, digital cameras, video cameras and our PlayStation 2s. Those are just our favourites but we have tons more."

Taylor and Jessie, 10, Neath, Wales

"My Wii. I only just got at Christmas and am addicted to it. I don't know what I do if it got taken off me."

Mary, 11, Nottingham, England

"Mine is my iPod. I just love my music!"

Lozzy, 10, Bridgwater, England

"My iPod touch. I can't live without it."

Tom, 12, Bedfordshire, England

"My Nintendo Wii is great! I can do all my keep fit exercises on Wii Fit and Wii Sports and have a laugh with others at the same time!"

AZ, 12, Reading, England

"My radio is my favourite gadget."

Sophie, 6 on Monday, Bradford, England

"I couldn't live without my iPod touch and my phone. They go everywhere with me!!!!!!!!"

Rachael, 12, Fauldhouse, Scotland

"My computer. I couldn't do homework without it."

Lily, 9, Essex, England

"My iPod definitely. It is amazing!! I can't live without it!"

Flora, 13, Stratford upon Avon, England

"I wouldn't say favourite so I'm gonna list a few things, Wii, DS, PSP, Gameboy, phone, flat screen TV, camera, computer and they are all MINE!!"

Jack, 10, Essex, England

"My Wii - even though I only got it for Christmas I would be gutted if it was taken off me!!"

Milly, 13, Manchester, England

"My favourite gadget is the Wii because it's amazing how it picks up your movement."

Fay, 8, Liverpool, Englandd

"My favourite gadget is my Xbox 360. I think that it is the best console ever made. You can get really good accessories with it and people of all ages can play with it."

Sam, 12, Newcastle, England

"I could not live without my phone."

Liv, 12, Halifax, England

"My phone! I would be lost without it!! ;D"

Catherine, 11, Kerry, Ireland

"One of my best gadgets is my MP3 player it so much like an iPod but a lot cheaper. It can hold over 1000 songs and you can download you albums. It also has a radio on it! It's great!!"

Stephanie, 12, Leeds, England

"I have the iPod shuffle! :)"

Amelia, 10, London, England

"I think the iPhone and the iPod touch are my favourite gadgets because they're touch screen! :)"

Helen, 10, Leeds, England

"I adore my Nintendo Wii, it's great, and I don't know how I could live without it now!"

Freya, 14, Buckinghamshire, England

"My fave gadget is the Nintendo Wii. It is really fun, and is great for keeping you fit."

Tabitha, 12, UK

"HD TV is the best gadget for now."

Keiran, 8, Scotland

"My mobile definitely. It's got 5 mega pixels!!!!"

Mona, 13, Coventry, England

"I think there are lots of amazing gadgets out there but they're all so expensive I can't have one."

Alexa-Grace, 13, Devon, England

"My favourite gadget is my laptop."

Princess, 11, Bristol, UK

"My laptop!!! I love it. I got it for Christmas and it's sooo good!!! I use it all the time."

Lindsey, 12, Newcastle, England

"My best gadget is the Xbox 360."

Afzol, 10, England

"My top gadget is my iPod touch. I can use the internet on it and email all my friends. I can listen to music and watch films at the same time!"

Sophie, 13, Birmingham, UK

"I got a laptop for Christmas and I think it's brilliant!"

Maisie, 10, Plymouth, England

"My phone - it's got touch screen, internet, msn everything basically."

Rhianne, 13, Morden, UK

"Well I have a few top gadgets and they are: Nintendo DS Lite, laptop, TV, phone, Gameboy Advanced SP, DVD TV and a Nintendo Wii so I have quite a few gadgets and the one I use the most is my laptop."

Katie, 12, Wales

"My favourite gadget is DEFINITELY my new purple iPod chromatic that I got for Christmas. It's sooo cool!!!"

Lara, 13, Ilkley, England

"My best gadget has to be my GHD hair straighteners and also the iPhone I got for my birthday. It's AMAZING."

Angel, 14, London, England

"I love my Nintendo DS - it's the BEST!"

Selina, 9, Birmingham, England

"Mine is definitely my laptop and Nintendo Wii."

Caitlin, 10, Motherwell, Scotland

"My best gadget has got to be my Nintendo DS. I luv it!"

Dayna, 11, Runcorn, England

"My favourite gadget is my 007 limited edition mini digital camera."

Samuel, 11, England

"My remote controlled safe I got for Christmas!"

Richard, 10, Kent, England

"Mac book Pro. Best computer ever."

Nadia, 10, London, England

"My fave adget is the iPod touch/iPhone. I love it! It's AMAZIN!!!"

Megan, 10, Llanrwst, Wales

"My best gadgets are my PSP and PS3. I can connect PSP with PS3 and go on the internet."

Asad, 12, Bradford, England

"The Nintendo Wii - Mario Kart, and Wii Fit rock! =]"

Paige, 13, Driffield, England

"My best gadget is the iPod touch!"

Merissa, 10, Surbiton, England

"My favourite is the TV because it is full of entertainment."

Sophie, 10, Cowerlsey, England

"I believe my top gadget is either my phone, computer or mp3. This is because they're all really useful and important. My phone is good because I can be contacted by people in emergencies. On my computer I can go on the internet and play lots of games. My mp3 is good because if I feel sad or bored or if I'm travelling I can just listen to my music."

Kate, 13, Wadebridge, England

"My pink iPod! I don't know how I'd live without it! If I'm tired I listen to exciting music and it wakes me up. If I'm sad happy music, If I'm angry calming music etc."

Alice, 14, Cambridge, England

"My iPod Nano 3rd Generation. It might not have the most memory or best battery, but it is easy to use and it just looks cool."

Sumboy, 13, Redditch, England

"My top gadget has to me my Nintendo DS! The moment I turn it on, I can't come off it!"

Tom, 14, Chesterfield, England

"My favourite gadget is my iPod shuffle! It is brilliant because I can fit it in my back pocket and take it anywhere with me."

Reuben, 14, Folkestone, England

"I love my Wii and laptop! I am trying to be fit with my Wii Fit, and my laptop is good for everything really."

Winter, 11, Warrington, UK

"Laptops!! My sister any me have got our own ones and my sister's only four LOL!! and just to say do any of you really have an iPhone???"

Rebecca, 9, London, England

"My best gadget has got to be my phone."

Lauren, 9, Hopeman, Scotland

"My favourite gadget is DEFINITELY my PS3, I love it, even though I love Macs!"

Joe, 13, Cardiff. Wales

"My best gadget is my Chinese mobile. It is a touch screen and has a keypad, the keypad lights up."

Georgia, 10, Coatbridge, Scotland

"My best gadget is the iPhone."

Jacob, 9, Birmingham, England

"I'm absolutely in love with my Mac book. It's the most AMAZING thing ever and Macs are well better to use than Windows computers."

David, 14, Penicuik, Scotland

"My laptop! It's really helpful with schoolwork as my brother never lets me use the computer."

Emily, 13, Sedgley, UK

"I have a top of the range phone! I got it for Christmas!"

Samantha, 11, Dundee, Scotland

"My best gadget is my iPod touch, I love it."

Olivia, 12, Worthing, England