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Last Updated: Friday January 23 2009 17:04 GMT

In pictures: Behind the scenes at Newsround

Newsround Logo

You can watch Newsround every weekday at 5pm on BBC One... but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Well, now's your chance to find out!

Ore working at his desk

Newsround presenters do loads more than read out stories. Here Ore's just got into work. He's got a long day ahead of him...

Robert, Ore and Tori

The producer Robert talks to Ore, and assistant producer Tori, about what story they'll be working on.

Ore recording the radio bulletin

And Newsround doesn't just do TV, we have two radio bulletins as well. Here's Ore reading out the Newsround International radio bulletin, which you can hear on the web.


Next, it's off to the editing studio where Ore and Tori work with an editor to put all the bits of their story together.

Ore voicing his script

Ore is recorded as he reads out the script so his voice can be put over the TV pictures.

Ore reading the bulletin

Soon after, he's back in front of the green screen to present the 3.55pm CBBC bulletin, while all the technical people watch the screens on the right to make sure the show goes OK.

Ore having his make-up done

After the bulletin, time's ticking on so Ore heads off to get his make-up done for the longer Newsround show on BBC One.

Ore in the Newsround studio

Then it's off to the studio so Ore can go through his lines and everyone else can make sure things like camera angles and timings are all OK.

View from behind a camera, and the gallery

On the left is what it looks like on the other side of the camera - and on the right are the some of the screens the director sees in the studio gallery.

Ore presenting the programme

The clock strikes 5.05pm and Ore faces the camera as Newsround goes live on air. Did YOU know so much work went on behind-the-scenes?