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Last Updated: Friday January 09 2009 14:56 GMT

Liverpool gives up culture crown

Liverpool - The Musical at the Echo Arena

Liverpool is getting ready to hand over its crown as the European Capital of Culture on Saturday.

For the past 12 months millions of tourists have been visiting the city, to check out loads of top performances.

Some of the more memorable events were a giant mechanical spider creeping around the streets, and more than 100 'Superlambanana' sculptures appearing.

And it wasn't just art that found its way to Liverpool - loads of celebs made their way to the city too.

Music stars from all over the world took part in the MTV Europe Awards in November, and a month later the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show was held there.

Gordon Brown in Liverpool
Gordon Brown meets children in Liverpool
The children of Liverpool got involved as well. Pupils from Pleasant Street school were selected to take part in the opening ceremony and even got to meet the Prime Minister.

A big success

The people in charge say the year has been a great success. Loads of money has been spent in the city and people all over the world have seen what life is like in Liverpool.

Tourist attractions have also been really busy, with millions of visitors passing through, keeping the city's hotels packed with guests.

Spider attacks Liverpool
A mechanical spider in Liverpool
But some people in the city are unhappy. They think the money should have been spent on other, more important things.

Party time

But on Saturday it all comes to an end, when the Austrian city of Linz and Vilnius in Lithuania become the 2009 Capitals of Culture.

Masses of fireworks are being set up, museums will stay open late, there will be drum and dance performances and a big lantern display.