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Last Updated: Wednesday January 07 2009 11:25 GMT

Gloves boost boy's goalie dream

Joseph Pritchard modelling his special gloves

A young goalie born with just two fingers on each hand is hoping to make it to the Premier League after a sports firm made him a unique pair of gloves.

Eight-year-old Joseph Pritchard, from Gloucester, wants to be a professional footballer when he's older but standard goalie gloves just don't fit.

When sports firm Puma heard about his difficulty, they designed a pair just for him with two fingers and a thumb.

"They're really cool. They're one of my best presents for Christmas," he said.

Joseph Pritchard modelling his special gloves
"They help loads because when I normally play I had to use other people's gloves and they would slip off, but now these don't, they stay on."

Joseph's already put the gloves into action with his school team and his teacher, Dave Clough, says he's a real inspiration to the rest of the team.

"He's the sort of lad who'll try anything," he said. "He enjoys everything he does and he's a real example to all the other boys of what you can do if you really put your mind to it."