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Last Updated: Saturday January 03 2009 19:09 GMT

Israel sends soldiers into Gaza

A flare above Gaza

Israel has sent soldiers into the Gaza Strip after a week of bombing the area to try to stop rockets being fired.

For more than a week Israel has been bombing Gaza, where many people called Palestinians are living, and now thousands of soldiers are moving in.

Israel says it is trying to stop armed groups inside the Gaza Strip from firing rockets and bombs into Israel.

In the UK, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest about the violence in the Middle East.

So far more than 400 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, but rockets are still being fired into Israel.

Four people have been killed by rockets fired into Israel from Gaza.

Because the air strikes have not stopped those rockets from being fired, Israel has decided to send soldiers into Gaza on the ground.

Map of the area

Israel says the bombs it has been dropping have been aimed at buildings and people belonging to a group called Hamas, which is in charge of the Gaza Strip.

Supporters of Hamas - and other Palestinian groups - are the people firing the rockets into Israel.

On Saturday the American President George Bush called Hamas a terrorist group, and blamed it for the violence that is happening in the Middle East at the moment.

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