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Last Updated: Friday January 02 2009 14:21 GMT

Car worth 3m found in garage

The rare Bugatti

A very rare and very expensive car has been found after fifty years gathering dust in a garage in Newcastle.

The Bugatti Type 57S Atalante was uncovered after its owner died, leaving the contents of his garage to his unsuspecting family.

It's going to be sold at auction in Paris next month, and it could net them as much as 3 million.

The classic car was made back in 1937, and only 16 others like it were built, making it very rare indeed.

Bugatti - picture from Bonhams
How the car looked when new
The Bugatti's not the only unusual motor the man called Dr Carr left to his family, as the garage also housed two other classic cars - an Aston Martin, and a Jaguar E-type.

Dr Carr's nephew said: "We just can't believe it.

"Of course we're delighted and we're going to make sure the money is shared out among the family. It's a wonderful thing to leave."

James Knight, from the auction house selling the car, called it "one of the last great barn discoveries."