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Last Updated: Monday December 29 2008 12:44 GMT

In pictures: Special stamps for 2009

Telephone box stamp

The Royal Mail will release special sets of stamps each month in 2009. January's collection will feature classic British designs from the mini skirt to the Mini, and the London Tube map to the phone box.

Concorde stamp

The Concorde aeroplane, which was retired from service a few years ago, will been seen flying around Britain on first-class stamps. Other subjects to get special treatment include the fire service, post boxes and Royal Navy uniforms.

Charles Darwin on stamp

On 12 February, six jigsaw piece-shaped stamps celebrating the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection will come out.

George Stephenson stamp

And in March, leaders of the industrial revolution will be celebrated on the one-inch works of art. Among them will be George Stephenson, who looked after the introduction of the railways in Britain.