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Last Updated: Sunday December 28 2008 13:27 GMT

Police reveal 'prank' 999 calls

Police tape in Manchester

Problems with voting on Strictly Come Dancing, Santa breaking into a house and the wrong topping on a pizza were all 999 calls made over Christmas.

They may make you smile, but police are really annoyed that calls like these are wasting their time.

Around 5,000 emergency calls were made to Greater Manchester Police over Christmas, with 72 of them fake ones.

Police say if they're responding to a joke call it could delay them dealing with a life-threatening one.

And it's not just the fake calls that are a problem, as lots of the other 999 calls received aren't emergencies.

'Ridiculous' 999 calls received by Manchester police
Woman unable to get through to Strictly Come Dancing
Priest not allowed to use a toilet inside a shop at Manchester Airport
Man complained about unwanted mushrooms on his pizza
Police say the 999 number should only be used if someone's life is at risk or if a crime is happening at that moment.

Silly pranks

New Year's Eve is traditionally the busiest night of the year for Greater Manchester Police, so it's really important they don't waste time with fake and non-emergency calls on Wednesday evening.

Superintendent Karan Lee said: "New Year's Eve is always very busy and people calling 999 for non-emergencies and silly pranks can have a major impact on members of the public who need the police."