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Last Updated: Saturday December 27 2008 16:35 GMT

Websites may be given age ratings

A person uses a laptop

The websites you look at could soon be getting age ratings just like films and DVDs, according to the government.

MP Andy Burnham, who as the culture secretary is in charge of looking after things that are entertaining, thinks age ratings could work online.

Mr Burnham said he wants to find a way to make sure children can't access sites with unsuitable content.

He added that he hopes to work with America to come up with rules on all websites that use the English language.

Some groups who think no-one should be in charge of the internet won't like the idea of it being controlled, but Mr Burnham says that's not what he wants.

However, he did say there are certain things people can see online that no-one should be able to access at all.

He said he wants sites to be better labelled with information who they're suitable for, for both children and their parents.

Hard to apply limits

Internet expert John Carr, who speaks for a group of charities who work together to make the online world safer, said other countries are looking at similar schemes.

But he also said that putting age ratings on websites is something that will be very difficult to put into place.