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Last Updated: Friday December 26 2008 18:51 GMT

Thousands hunt for sale bargains

Shoppers at Selfridges in London

Hundreds of thousands of people have been hitting the shops on Boxing Day in search of bargains.

In Glasgow people queued for two hours just to get inside the shopping centre, while at Bluewater in south east England more than 100,000 took a visit.

But even waiting until Boxing Day was too long for some, as some sales started online on Christmas Day itself.

The crowds are good news for shop owners as recent money problems have stopped people from spending.

Shops are slashing their prices to try to encourage people to start spending again.

It seems to have worked, as at Manchester's Trafford Centre one car park was completely full before the shops even opened at 8am.

And things could get even busier on Saturday, as many big shops that didn't start their sales on Boxing Day will be cutting prices in time for the weekend.