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Last Updated: Wednesday December 24 2008 18:37 GMT

Doctor Who fans wait for special

Christmas Doctor Who

Fans of Doctor Who won't just be enjoying turkey and chocolates on Christmas Day - they've got a special episode to tuck into as well.

This year's Christmas special, called The Next Doctor, sees the Time Lord do battle with old enemies the Cybermen.

He also meets another Doctor, played by actor David Morrissey.

There's been loads of speculation about whether Morrissey will take over from David Tennant, who's leaving the show after filming next year's specials.

This year's festive special is set on Christmas Eve and features a new head of the Cybermen, called the CyberKing.

Actress Dervla Kirwan with a Cyberman
And there's an evil matron called Miss Hartigan, played by actress Dervla Kirwan, and lots of sonic screwdriver action.

David Tennant joined the show during a Christmas special, and some fans are wondering if this episode would indeed be a good time to tell audiences who'll replace him as the next Doctor.


'Other Doctor' David Morrissey with Rosita
The internet is full of rumours about who that could be - with people like James Nesbitt, John Simm who played The Master in series three, actor Paterson Joseph, and even Hugh Grant and Stephen Fry said to be in the running!

Not to mention Billie Piper and Catherine Tate who both played former companions.

But, like everyone else, we'll just have to wait and see!

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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