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Last Updated: Monday December 22 2008 15:19 GMT

Big row over Knut's new home

Knut on his second birthday

One of the most famous polar bears in the world is at the centre of a big row over where he should live.

Two-year-old Knut hit the headlines when he was abandoned by his mother and brought up by keepers at Berlin Zoo.

Since then he's become an international bear celebrity, even starring in his own film and TV show, and earning stacks of cash for the zoo.

But now another German zoo, where Knut's dad lived, says Knut belongs to them and they want him back.

Knut as a polar bear cub
Berlin Zoo is thought to have made a deal that the first surviving cub of Knut's dad belonged to Neumuenster Zoo - and that's Knut.

Loads of zoos want Knut to live with them and it's thought the popular bear WILL move from Berlin in the first half of 2009.

But officials in Neumuenster say they are still unsure where he will go and Knut fans haven't given up hope that he might be allowed to stay in the German capital.

Extra cash

Whichever zoo gets to keep Knut will probably be hoping to cash in on his international fame.

Last year alone Knut is reported to have generated more than 4.2million in extra income for Berlin Zoo, from the sale of tickets and Knut merchandise.