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Last Updated: Monday December 22 2008 08:42 GMT

Keep kids safe at Christmas plea

Boy at Christmas

Christmas is a time to have fun with your family, but at the same time, parents are being warned to keep their kids safe over the festive holiday.

The Government is handing out thousands of leaflets in shops and children's centres with safety tips in.

They include things like making sure children are safe around Christmas candles and being careful on new bikes.

Around 80,000 people hurt themselves over Christmas, and the Government wants to make sure it isn't you!

Other accidents that can happen include:

• People hurting themselves with scissors as they open presents

• Young kids choking on small toy parts

Gravy exploding in microwaves

• People tripping over new toys or falling down stairs

• Kids hurting themselves on decorations - like trees and glass baubles


Christmas presents
Even presents can be hazardous!

A spokeswoman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPa) said: "Christmas is a time when your home is likely to be full of people and it is in the excitement of the season that accidents can easily happen."

A man from the Government added that Christmas is a time for families to get together, and enjoy presents, nice food and company, so the last thing they need is a trip to hospital after a child has been injured.