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Last Updated: Friday December 19 2008 09:47 GMT

Tennant fit to play Dr 'in weeks'

Doctor Who Christmas special

With less than a week to go, the countdown is under way. You might be thinking about Christmas but think again, this countdown is all about The Next Doctor - the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Well, here's a little secret, Newsround has seen it already.

Just a few lucky journalists were invited along to a special screening at a posh hotel in London.

At first, it seemed really exciting to see it before everyone else, but now, it feels a bit weird - the countdown's come to an abrupt end because we know what happens.


Dr Who Christmas special
So, shall we let you into the secret? Only joking, we're not allowed to spoil it but we can tell you a little bit about it.

For a start, it's set in the year 1851 and as you might have seen on the trailers, there are two Doctors! They join forces because the Cybermen, led by the CyberKing, are trying to take over the world.

Two Doctors, loads of Cybermen, plenty of sonic screwdriver action, what more can you ask for?

No guarantees

David Tennant was supposed to be at the screening but he's got a back injury so he wasn't able to make it.

A Cyberman with Russell T Davies
Russell T Davies, the show's executive producer, reassured everyone that he's expecting Tennant to be ready to start filming the first of four special episodes for 2009.

He did say there are no guarantees, but they've got no plans to delay filming and they're not even re-writing any of the big action scenes.

New Doctor?

Davies was really careful not to give anything away but he did say there'll be two big name guests making an appearance next year...

The first one is being filmed somewhere really exotic and one of the episodes is co-written by Phil Ford, one of the writers of the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Doctor Who Christmas special
But the big question on everyone's lips... who's going to be the new Doctor? And do you find out in the Christmas special? Well, we're not going to tell you one way or another. You might find out, you might not.

One thing's for sure though - David Tennant's going to be really missed. But as one of the Dr Who bosses said, it's not the end, it's just the end of the beginning.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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