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Last Updated: Thursday December 18 2008 16:20 GMT

Gromit clips taken off internet

Wallace and Gromit

A video of the new Wallace and Gromit film has been taken off a video-sharing website after someone posted pretty much the whole thing online illegally.

Loads of clips of A Matter of Loaf and Death, adding up to about 30 minutes, were put on the YouTube website.

The film follows Wallace and Gromit's adventures as crime-busting bakery owners and wasn't meant to be seen until Christmas Day, when it's on BBC1.

But the people who made it, at Aardman Animations, are pretty annoyed.

Wallace and Gromit in a still from A Matter of Loaf and Death
Wallace and Gromit have got their own bakery - Top Bun
They say they've got no idea how the clips, which look as if they've been recorded on a mobile phone or video camera, got out.

But as there were two charity screenings of the film last weekend, it's thought someone there could have filmed it and posted the clips online.

A Matter Of Loaf And Death sees the comedy duo with their own home bakery - Top Bun - and a new mystery to solve.

While their business is booming, other local bakers seem to be disappearing in mysterious circumstances. Can they work out what's going on, or are they next?

You'll have to wait until Christmas Day to find out!