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Last Updated: Wednesday December 17 2008 17:31 GMT

Have you been affected by unemployment?

People searching for jobs (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

If you've been affected by unemployment, we'd like to hear your story. You may even end up taking part in a report for Newsround.

Perhaps your mum or dad have lost their job, and maybe there isn't as much money around as there used to be.

Are you worried because they're stressed out about paying the bills, or having trouble finding a new job?

What happened?

Maybe you've had to move to a new area.

Or perhaps you know someone who lost their job and it turned out to be a good thing. Maybe they were lucky enough to get a better one!

Please use the white box on this page to tell us a bit about your story.

We may want to get in touch with you about this, so please ask your parents before you contact us, and include your parent/guardian's home telephone number.

We won't keep it on file after we've contacted you, and we won't pass it on to anyone else.

We only need your e-mail address to contact you if we are going to use your Press Pack report. We won't pass it to anyone else. If you are under the age of 16, you must obtain your parent or guardian's permission before sending us any personal details.

Please click this box when you have asked

Disclaimer: The BBC may edit your comments and cannot guarantee that all e-mails will be published.