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Last Updated: Monday December 15 2008 19:29 GMT

What went wrong with the Strictly results?

Tom Chambers (Photo by: Guy Levy/BBC/PA Wire)

There was loads of fuss over this year's Strictly semi-final.

All the last three couples in the show were put through to the final.

So what went wrong with the results?

Why did they stop the public voting on Strictly?

On the show people are asked to vote to save their favourites from the dance off, but when the producers realised it was impossible to save Tom Chambers, the phone votes had to be stopped.

Why was it impossible to save Tom from the dance off?

Tom got one point from the judges. If he got the most phone votes - he'd have got three more points giving him a total of four.

The other contestants got three points from the judges so even if one of them came last in the public vote - they'd have got one point for it which means they too would have had a score of four.

So Tom would have been in the dance off no matter what.

So why couldn't Tom dodge the dance off this time?

This was no normal week, because Rachel and Lisa both got the maximum three points.

Even if Tom won the public vote, one of the girls would have got two points for being the audience's 2nd favourite - which would give them five points altogether, and as the maximum Tom could score was four it would have been impossible for him to catch up.

What happens to my vote if I voted last Saturday?

The Strictly producers say all votes will be carried over and counted in this Saturday's final.

But they say if anyone is really unhappy about that, there will be a way for them to get the cost of the call back.