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Last Updated: Monday December 15 2008 07:52 GMT

Strictly bosses in voting rethink

Tom Chambers and Camilla Dallerup

Strictly Come Dancing bosses have said they are rethinking the way the scoring works on the show after a big mix-up.

No dancer was kicked off the show on Saturday when producers realised that phone votes for Tom Chambers couldn't save him from the dance-off.

Lisa Snowdon and Rachel Stevens had scored so many points from the judges that Tom couldn't be saved.

That means people were spending money trying to save him, but their calls couldn't have made a difference.

Now all three dancers will be in the final, and the votes they got this week will be carried forward to the final.

The BBC says no-one will get any money back, but their votes will still count.

Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon
Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon
Not everyone is happy about that though, and around 100 people have complained to the BBC about the way the problem was handled.

The BBC says that because people are asked to vote to save their favourite from the dance-off they couldn't count the votes for the semi-final as there was no way Tom could have avoided being in the bottom two.

A spokesman said: They (the producers) are going to look at ways in which they can avoid this situation happening again, definitely."

Whoever gets the most marks from the judges, gets three points, whoever's second gets two and for third place you get just one point.

That's the same for the audience vote too.

As Rachel and Lisa both got 75 out of 80 from the judges for their two dances, they both got three points, while Tom came last and got just one.

That means even if he'd won the audience vote, to get three points, he'd have finished on four points.

But Rachel and Lisa would have got either one or two points from the votes, giving them a total of four or five. So whatever happened, Tom would have been in the dance-off.