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Last Updated: Monday December 15 2008 19:12 GMT

Adam checks out sport's big night

Newsround's Adam and Chris Hoy

One of the biggest sporting events of the year took place on Sunday - Sports Personality of the Year.

It was an amazing night for British cycling, with Chris Hoy winning the top prize and joining up with his mates to pick up team of the year too.

Adam was there to see the stars.

"At first it's quite weird being surrounded by all these people in amazingly glamorous outfits who you normally see on TV dripping in sweat in their tracksuits!

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Adam chats to Chris Hoy

But everyone agreed that all 10 of the finalists for this year's Sports Personality of the Year deserved their night in the spotlight, after an amazing year for British sport.

Outside on the freezing cold purple carpet, most of them were brave enough to have a chat with us before the awards started.

But who would win?

I have never met a more modest bunch of people. No-one thought they themselves would win the title. And I believed them!

Then it was on with the show.

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Newsround's Adam chats to Ellie Simmonds.

Fourteeen-year-old Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds was pretty gob-smacked when she won Young Sports Personality of the Year. I don't think her victory had sunk in when I spoke to her, because she seemed more excited about meeting Lewis Hamilton!

About an hour-and-a-half later, I felt a bit cheeky asking the F1 world champion if he was annoyed about coming second in the race for the main title of Sports Personality of the Year, but Lewis said he didn't mind because all the finalists had done such amazing things. He was wearing a very, sharp shiny suit.

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Adam chats to Rebecca Adlington

The swimmer Rebecca Adlington took third place. I spoke to her about five minutes after the result was announced, and she told me she was worried that she had glitter all over her! I told her it made her sparkly red outfit look even more Christmassy.

Chris Hoy won the main prize and came to talk us back-stage straight away. He seemed pretty surprised that a cyclist could win the big prize because it's not a huge sport (although there were FOUR cyclists nominated - so they had a pretty good chance!).

He said he was honoured because he had been watching the Sports Personality TV show since he was little.

So congrats to all the winners. And nearly all them said exactly the same thing - they will be back in the gym, or the pool, or the saddle for training on Monday as usual."