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Last Updated: Saturday December 13 2008 20:37 GMT

Wait is on for X Factor result

The X Factor hopefuls talk about their dreams of winning

Millions of people are glued to their TVs to find out who's going to win the big X Factor final.

Alexandra, Eoghan and boy band JLS are all hoping they can follow in the footsteps of the likes of Leona Lewis by winning the 1m record contract.

Whoever gets the most public votes will also release a cover of a song called Hallelujah in time for Christmas.

Alexandra is the favourite, but top judge Simon Cowell says it's too close to tell who'll win.

As part of the final, each of the hopefuls performed three songs, one of which was a duet with an established chart-topper.

Eoghan performed You'll Be There with Boyzone, Westlife joined JLS to sing Flying Without Wings and Alexandra teamed up with Beyonce to sing her hit Listen!

'Be nice'

Watch what Simon said about the 'be nice' rule in the contracts

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell has said he knew nothing about a rule in the finalists' contracts that says they can't be nasty about him.

It comes after it was revealed that the winners' 1million record deal doesn't mean they'll get all that money in cash.

Instead, they'll get about 150,000, while the rest of the money is spent on making them a success.

Cowell said it costs up to 500,000 to record an album, around 200,000 to make music videos and another 400,000 on marketing and advertising.