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Last Updated: Tuesday December 16 2008 06:09 GMT

I raised money for my PE shed

Eliose and her school shed

Press Packer Eloise decided to do something about the state of her rotten school PE shed.

She has been helping to raise money for the shed and now they have the funds to build a new one!

Here's her report.

"My name is Eloise and I am 11-years-old.

At my school in Somerset we play a lot of sport but our very old PE shed is rotting away and all our PE equipment is getting wet.

My teacher Mrs Blackmore wrote a book about the history of the school and about Basil the Birman cat who lives next door but comes into school everyday like a real pupil and gets up to mischief in the classroom.

Mrs Blackmore sold the books to parents and people in our village to raise money for the shed but it wasn't enough.

Help from the government

I love my school and I felt very strongly that the government should help us find some money so I wrote to Prime Minister Gordon Brown to see if he would like to buy Mrs Blackmore's book or give us some money towards our new shed.

Eliose and the rotten shed

I had a letter back from Jim Knight MP who wished us luck but said the government couldn't give us any money and he didn't offer to buy a book.

Mrs Blackmore sent a copy of my letter to our local newspaper, the Wells Journal, and put it in our school newspaper.

Raising money

People read my letter and a lady sent the school 25, Bristol Water gave us 100 and Millfield School, who have so many sporting facilities, gave us 200.

So after my letter and some money that my head teacher Miss Rice has given from the budget we now have enough money for the new shed and I am so happy and proud that my letter helped.


It made me see that writing a letter could make a difference and I am excited to say goodbye to our rotten old shed and hello to a new one."

Eloise, 11, Somerset.

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